Solar Holster

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FINALLY!! a way to secure your solar cover to the side wall of your above ground pool instead of having to remove it every time you or your kids want to get in. Once solar cover is secured to side rail we suggest to flip solar cover up onto side rail of pool.

Solar Holster does the following:

(1) Eliminates need to remove solar cover from pool surface in order to use pool.
(2) Makes spreading the solar cover back into position a breeze even with just one person.
(3) Extends life of solar cover.
(4) Keeps solar cover in place on windy days and nights.
(5) Helps pool retain solar heat.
(6) Eliminates having to wrestle with heavy pool cover reel.
(7) Adjustable to fit on most above ground pools.
(8) Also holds winter cover in place
(9) Won't gouge or tear solar cover or damage your pool.
(10) Available in  Black
(11) Sold in packages of 4

Solar Holster makes installation of your solar cover a breeze "no grass in the pool, no wear and tear on the cover", EASY process! Simply fold or roll your solar cover to any side of your pool and anchor it into place with our patent pending Solar Holsters. It's that Easy!



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Solar Holster Above ground solar cover containment clamp
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