Solar Holster

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                       Solar Holster New to the Pool World

With using Solar Holster there is no more pulling cover onto your deck or onto the ground. Only takes one person to roll solar cover up inside the pool while Solar holsters are attached on the side rail. After rolling the solar cover to the side rail, attach solar cover to side rail with Solar Holster with bubble side of solar cover attach to rail. Flip solar cover up onto side rail of pool. You will never have to get out of your pool again to remove cover and replace cover. After swimming flip solar cover back onto pool surface, remove Solar Holster from bubble side and reattach ends of solar cover back onto side rail bubbles down with Solar Holster and unroll back into place. Solar holsters are also nice on windy days keeping solar cover in place. Solar Holster can be used on your winter cover when closing your pool. After tightening the winter cover, Solar Holsters clamp down  to hold your winter cover snuggly in place.
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